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Live the Life You Want and Have Money Left Over!

Watch Me&MyMoney at DEMO!

Me&MyMoney Is Now In Beta!

Watch a video tour of the Me&MyMoney app that just lauched at DEMO Fall 2011


Media Coverage

DEMOBeat: Demo: Be the CEO of your personal finances with MyFinance dba Me&MyMoney

Network World: Hot Products from DEMO Fall 2011

minnov8: DEMO: Me & My Money

Wall Street Journal - MarketWatch: Me&MyMoney Debuts at DEMO Fall 2011 Conference

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Latest News

Me&MyMoney DEMO Images - The Real Deal

Third times the charm! By now the adenaline was gone so the presentation of crisp and cool. Flawless execution, guys - you are the real deal. See how they did.

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Me&MyMoney DEMO Images - Take 2

The reshoot of our DEMO presentation started out great - but ran into  snag when someone walks on the stage. Restart. Here are some images from that take.

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MeandMyMoney Demo Images - 1st try

CEO Mik Kozlak and CTO Alex Huff gave it a good shot the first time out. Here's how it went in images

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Practice Makes Perfect - Even When Something Goes Wrong

DEMO Fall 2011 - Consumer TechnologiesWhat do you do when your presentation to a crowd of the most influential experts in your industry goes awry? Me&MyMoney CEO Mike Kozlak and CTO Alex Huff were faced with this nightmare at DEMO Fall 2011.

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DEMO 1st Morning Activities

Lots happened this morning as DEMO Fall 2011 began.

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Toast and Welcome Reception

Finally got around to sharing some images of last night's Welcome Reception. Really great turn-out and tons of connection opportunities.

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Me&MyMoney at the DEMO Pavilion

The Pavilion is open and people are streaming in. Come visit us at Station D21 to hear how you can:


Live the Life You Want and Have Money Left Over

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DEMO Booth map

Map to Me&MyMoney's Booth at Demo Fall 2011

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Where to FInd Me&MyMoney

Find us at Station D21 in the DEMO Pavilion.

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Setting Up Our Home Away From Home

Our station is at the DEMO Pavilon is up and running. D21 is all set for tomorrow's Pavillion.

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Welcome to DEMO

The Me&MyMoney team attended the Demonstrator Intro session and learned there are presenters and media from around the world. Following the session we continued to fine tune our demonstration: practice, practice, practice.

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We're Here

The Me&MyMoney team assembled in Santa Clara yesterday and immediately started final preparation for DEMO Fall 2011.

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